No More Party Girl

I tried.  Little Bit is now back in the crate with a padlock.

She’s got food, water, a binky, a new chewy (we will have to find her other one that I gave her this afternoon, as well as another bone she hid), and some paper to poop or pee on.

I will become a foster mom for this one place this one time.  I think it will be ok because I have an in, though I hate calling it that.  There are a couple of guys who I have known since they were children who walk dogs for this adoption place on Saturdays.   I will give my Saturdays to this place if they will take me as a foster and give Little Bit a chance.

That’s where I’m at tonight.  That’s where Little Bit is tonight.  I cannot let her in.  I don’t know what might happen.  I cannot let her in the backyard because she barks at the kittens and wants their food.  I cannot leave her to her own devices anymore.  No one else will take her in.  I just can’t bring myself to call the city on her.  I just can’t unless I have tried everything.

All of the poopy babies will think I am paying more attention to her than them.  They will get over it.  Including Caroline at this moment.

Making pup cookies tomorrow will probably help as well.


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