I Don’t Know What to Do

We have reached a weird equilibrium here at the house.  Tammy and Murphy are out front, Dora is on the sofa and Little Bit is in the Laundry Room.

Everything is quiet.

Dora hasn’t gone out yet, though. She seems to have a huge bladder.  Not a peep from her.  I even checked to make sure she wasn’t dead.

Tammy and Murphy are sleeping outside.  I can see them from the window.

Little Bit hasn’t made the littlest noise since I broke down the crate and just put down a binkie.

What the hell is going on here?

Update:  Dora woke up and went out.  I took Little Bit out for a walk and talked to the neighbors.  The tension is less since little Mike left.  Much less.  That was the best thing to happen to our little neck of the woods.

Murphy and Tammy are more worried about eating their kibbles and getting cookies than the little girl in the laundry room.

Back to something like normal?  Almost.


5 responses to “I Don’t Know What to Do

  1. Hi, is your yahoo email still alive?

  2. Hey Keigo!

    Yes it’s michilines at yahoo dot com.

  3. You didn’t receive my email?
    Anyway, I’ll go to Houston from Nov. 18th through 20th. Do you have time for lunch or dinner?

    • I checked my mail, and there’s nothing. It has been unreliable lately. Maybe I need to clean it out . . . I’ll send you an email later and then you can reply to that — maybe it will work then.

      Of course I have time! I’m flexible, so just let me know which is best for you.

      I look forward to seeing you!

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