Our Newest Resident

I’m going to try to find this little pup a home before I take her to the SPCA (though I am sure she would be fine there and get adopted quickly).


I have no idea what kind of dog she is.  Perhaps she has some bird dog in her?  She seems grown or very nearly so.




She can’t deal with her water and food bowls very well.  Perhaps I should just watch her eat and then take it all up.  Maybe she doesn’t understand the crate.  She has been going in it and coming out in a very orderly and sweet way.

I haven’t heard a peep out of her — not one bark.  Maybe her bark box is broken.  After having Murphy tell me in his outside voice about a million times last night that THERE IS A PUP IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!11!1!!!!11111!!!! a non-barking dog is very appealing.


One response to “Our Newest Resident

  1. Good pix … and yes, she does look either very sweet and obedient or totally confused … funny girl

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