Teabaggers: No one likes you, No one wants to be you

The most recent polls on teabaggers show that only 12%, or maybe 25% claim to be them.  Of course, a large number of these people seem to reside in the greater Houston area:  Kevin Whited, Cory, that fat guy, King Street Patriots, Michael Berry, KTRH, KPRC radio.  Joe PagLIARulo is in San Antonio, which is a satellite for the baggers.

AM radio’s listenership is down, much like support for the teabaggers.

With the Republicans fighting over 12% of the electorate, that seems to leave about 88% for President Obama.



One response to “Teabaggers: No one likes you, No one wants to be you

  1. ha ha … remember how the TBs kept insisting how many of them there were & how truly diverse etc. etc. Well, it looks like they’re already in the finger-pointing litmus test stage of their decline & eventual extinction … I keep hearing a lot of sort of “TbINO” type talk (tea bagger in name only) used to distance themselves from whoever doesn’t exactly line up with them … and as to who better represents them (Bachmann or Perry?) well, who cares? it’s a choice between dumb and dumber …

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