The End and the Beginning

I’ve come out from the other side of my dental ordeal.  We’ll see tomorrow if it worked out.

As for the garden, there are two things:  the heat and the sweet potatoes.  I have kept the fruit trees watered.  This weekend looks to be milder in temps, so I will buy a wheelbarrow and haul lots of soil amendments in.

I know what I want to grow and I have ordered some seeds.

I also want to work more on cooking.  I want to make a perfect turkey, so I will be the one my family looks to for the turkey.  I want to make some great sweet potato casserole.  I want to make some good borscht with the beets from last winter and next.

And I will bake tons of cookies for pups this winter.  Baking in 105 degree weather just beats us down.  I need new cookie sheets — I have to measure my stove — I found both made in the USA and made in Brazil sheets at the store.  Once I measure, I’ll know which to buy.

And Roberto, just keep bringing your recycle stuff here.  We’ve got room!


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