Puppy Cookies

Well, I’m 5 days post-op and feeling well enough to bake some cookies, so here we go!

The recipe is here.

My beloved Magimix:

She was made in France 😉

The ingredients:

The sea salt is from Spain; all the rest is made in the U.S.A.

I picked parsley from the garden.

The recipe also calls for mint.  I don’t have any and haven’t grown any, so we will do without.

First, all of the dry ingredients go in.

After a few pulses, it’s all mixed up.

The butter goes in a pat at a time.  I’ve used peanut butter before.  The pups don’t seem to care or like both.  Whichever.

It takes several times of taking off the lid and scraping down the sides before I can get it to this consistency.

I added in the chopped parsley and then the water, little drips at a time.  This ended up looking a little wet, but it turned out all right.

I just tape some wax paper to the counter to roll the dough out.

I forgot about the Crisco (also made in the U.S.A.)  My cookie sheets are pretty shabby (perhaps Santa will bring me some new ones . . .)

The rolling pin was made in Taiwan.  I got the cookie cutters from mom.  She had them left over after she closed her gift shop.

All cut!  And now for the egg wash.

Thirty minutes later, a beautiful batch of puppy cookies!

I’ve already got another batch mixed up, so now I’m off to roll them out and get them in the oven before it gets too hot.



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