Full of That Hopey Thang, Somewhat

This was the weekend of death, but not.

I pulled up three tomato plants and a couple of eggplants.  The peppers keep putting out despite the heat.  I put foil around the squash, which has seemed to freak out the outside kittens — at least the ones who are left.  Dot, Baby and Tilly always show up for meals.  I caught a glimpse of Toes on Saturday.  I haven’t seen Fanny nor Harry in what seems like ages.

I worked in the front yard today.  I also bought a spreader.  Grub worms killed all of the grass in part of the front yard.  Now I can kill them, I think.

There are tadpoles in the little pool in front.  I have decided NOT to be a tadpole killer, since that stage only lasts a week or so and it’s too damn hot to kill anything that is just trying to survive.  Given how much has died or struggled to survive, I just couldn’t bring myself to kill them.

I can’t really express how disappointed I am that the credit rating of our country has been lowered, and is threatened with even more lowering.   All of this has gone too far.  Where was S&P when the wars were off budget?  Where was S&P when Medicare D was passed without being paid for?  Where was S&P when the betting on people defaulting was going on?

When a disgraced organization has some sort of power over these United States — I worry.  Especially when they can’t even get their math right.

This is what having the first half-black man in the office of president gets us.   This is what having people in power when a half-black man who is a pragmatic person, much like Barbara Jordan, think they can hang every economic trouble on him — without looking to the man who has disappeared, George W. Bush.

Lots of people made lots of money off him.


2 responses to “Full of That Hopey Thang, Somewhat

  1. Is a spreader that thing with a sort of crank handle?
    I think the pushback against S&P has been pretty powerful, and they may regret having drawn (or re-drawn) attention to themselves and their gi-normous incompetence. And the Tea Party really needs to ask itself if they find it enjoyable to be lectured and scolded by the Chinese (the Chinese!) Because they are responsible and not everyone in the country has the memory span of a flea (or a tadpole). I’m hoping that the Teabagger freshmen will prove to have some of the shortest terms this country has ever seen. They have breezed into DC with nothing to offer but resentment, ignorance, and arrogance, and they have shat in everyone’s soup.

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