I Should Have Taken Pictures

I made a little dinner tonight.  It was a variant of a recipe that is in The Eating Well New Favorites Cookbook.

My little fingerling eggplants had fruits, so I made an open faced pseudo-Eastern Europen thingy.

First, I picked the eggplant.  This was problematic because the oks (outside kittens) thought it was dinner time.  It wasn’t.   Poor babies are so hot, but they do have the haven of the aquagarage and the space under the house for relief.

Then I picked a few little cherry tomatoes, a few plum tomatoes, and some peppers.

I went back out and fed the OKs and picked off some oregano.

I chopped up the eggplant and salted it in a colander and let it sweat out.

In a small bowl, I crushed the feta cheese, added the fresh oregano and some olive oil and lemon juice.  That all went in the fridge.

I chopped the tomatoes and peppers.

After an hour, I rinsed the salt off the eggplant and squeezed out the moister.  I sauteed the fresh peppers in olive oil, then added the eggplant and tomatoes.  I only had the heat on  for a few minutes.

I put the wokked stuff in the fridge.

To serve, I put the feta mix on a slice of bread then dribbled the eggplant mix on top.

Things I bought:

olive oil, bread, feta, lemon juice

Things from the garden:

eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, oregano

That looks like balance.


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