There Are No Poor People Here

Let’s  say you live in an apartment where they have central air, is that common or uncommon?  Depending on where you live, that might make or break a rental deal.

According to the Heritage Foundation, having A/C means you are fake poor.  Given that it is impossible to live in certain parts without A/C, and that some do live that way, it doesn’t deter the Heritage types nor talk radio types from harping on the poor.

The Heritage’s con conclusions are questionable at best.  I looked at the raw material and saw no income means testing.

The take away is that if poor people somehow live in an apartment with A/C, access to a washer and dryer, and perhaps bought a used phone or playstation — or better yet, had it given to them via CHARITY, they are not really poor.and live in your car.  No wait, you have to sell your car.  You have to be Africa poor, you know what I mean, no utilities living in a hut in the desert poor to be poor in AMERICA.

To recap, Heritage took some numbers that I would beg you to come to the same realization from, to whack the truly poor in our nation.  Oh and those who advocate for them

Oh and before you can claim to be poor you have to sell everything you have.


3 responses to “There Are No Poor People Here

  1. Anything that features a quote by James Q. Wilson prominently and early and approvingly is already to be distrusted. The gist of the Heritage Foundation’s “analysis” seems to be that of taking the long view of history to a point of absurdity. People shouldn’t complain because it could always be a lot worse? Huh? Hey, so-called poor people, you’re not being raped and dismembered by Mongols or Cossacks, or having to eat locusts and dirt, so enough with the whining already. Maybe their next solution will be to deport the poor as it is so un-American to not be rich?

  2. It’s more of the poor should only count if you are dirt poor — eating the paint poor — then we recognize there are poor people.

    But wingnuts regularly accuse the poor of cheating the system and gaming the system, when it is big corporations that game and cheat the system.


    Kevin Whited

    Michael Berry

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