At Times I am Mistified

I’ve got some true believers in my classes these days.  It doesn’t come up often, but it does come up.  Yesterday it was about fossils.

I tried to use the example of petrified wood.  I don’t know if I got through, though.

The other day, wingnuts were running with the idea that Obama’s father wanted to have him adopted.  Today, they are calling him a liar based on pretty flimsy evidence.

First, what the hell?  All of this is worse than anything the same people have been peddling for a long time.  All I can concluded is that none of them have had someone die in their family (unlikely), nor have they had a situation that made thing difficult.  I have an “aunt” who was my “cousin” before she was my “aunt.”

Every family has these sort of troubles.

Unless, I guess, they are perfect.



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