It Rained on My Laundry

I also watered the garden this morning.  I don’t care, though.  This year, I cherish every little drop of rain we get.  Also helpful:  it cooled things off a bit.

I made cookies for the pups again.  Last week I used a gift packaged thing my mom had given me.  The pups loved them.  They were more the texture of crackers than cookies, though.  The ones today I made from this recipe.

The dark flecks are mint and parsley (from the garden).

The recipe calls for using a food processor, so I enlisted the Magimix 3150 and its dough blade for the first time.  Talk about cool and easy.  But no surprise, my Magimix 3150 is the greatest.  (Made in France, thank you very much!)

They are to cool in the oven overnight, so I’ll report on the pup reaction then.


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