Gardening Weekend

I put in a new bed.


This will be the last one for a while.

As with the other beds, I’ve put in a pvc pipe with holes drilled in it to irrigate.

I didn’t have quite enough top soil, so I compensated with mulch.

I’m not sure which squash this is.  It’s either Tatume, Eight Ball Zucchini, or Summer.  This is my second set of four.  I’ve got to figure out where to put the last four seedlings.

I did the cardboard cylinder thing again to protect them.

More plants:



lone surviving squash from the first planting

sweet potato plant

massive cherry tomato plants — lots of blooms now — promise of the future

persimmon tree

the first cucumber bed — they are going but slowly this time

the last sunflower from the first planting — the others didn’t get very tall and have all died — this one has promise of being a giant like the ones last year

moon plants and squash ready to plant

the tangerine tree

one of the radicchio bolted — the flowers are beautiful

 the second cucumber bed — coming along

the pomegranate tree — I picked one fruit — too soon!

And now . . . . . . KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!

Baby and Fanny butt.

Pretty Toes

Dot and Baby wrestling

Sweet Fanny — the wound on her side is healing well

Friendly Dot with Baby

Toes hunting — the squirrels had the kittens all riled up this morning.








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