I hate titles

Harry is gone.  It’s been weeks since I saw him, so I know he is gone.  The newest tribe is all fixed now.  There should be little reason for any toms to show up.  Even though the tribe comes back for seconds and thirds, I’m thinking I will take up any food left over from their breakfast and dinner — just to make sure I’m not feeding any toms or possums.

We got some rain today.  I’m not sure that the garage roof leaks.  It will take further investigation.  Perhaps I can just spray some sort of sealant on it.  I don’t know.  I worked in the rain this evening to get four squash in the bed that Roberto had cleared out.  I can’t remember which they are.  I seeded 3 different kinds.  I will build another new bed and plant four more seedlings either tomorrow or Friday.  Then I have to remember where I thought I could put the last four, and I still need to find room for five to seven more tomato plants.

I have stressed out so much over the garden this spring and summer.  It’s not what it was supposed to be.  Today, I have decided to try to stress out no more.  Each year is different and I am still learning about this whole thing.  As there is room, I will keep planting.  As there is little rain, I will keep watering.  The tomatoes have a ton of blooms, I just don’t know if the paper wasps can keep up.  I haven’t seen any ladybugs in a while.

Part of my disappointment comes from my no use of pesticides.   I will keep to that.  We will come into balance.

Half of the front yard I had replanted last August has died.  The guy who put it in was more interested in getting people who would pay him more and he and his crew did a shitty job of cleaning it out of weeds.    Live and learn I guess.  He will never get a call from me, not that I would ever become one of his big money clients.  It was a mistake, but I learned from it.  I think.

I will figure out what to do with the front yard.

Tonight I am just tired.


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