Baby is Home

The last of the ferals is fixed and now resting in the laundry room.  I was worried about her, but she made it through fine.

Fanny and Mommy showed up for dinner.  Fanny looked like she had a wound.  Perhaps that is why she has not shown up as much lately.  Unlike Dot, she won’t let me near her, so I can only hope it’s superficial.

It’s the beginning of a nice long weekend.  I plan to enjoy it.


2 responses to “Baby is Home

  1. Ola! say hi to Baby for me (and of course, Fanny & Mommy! & the others) … I left you a message regarding that excellent & intriguing marinade you mentioned the other night … I’m planning on shopping in the morning and am fairly certain I remember all the ingredients … however, if I forget something and you check in with me later then I can always run back out & grab it (since I’ll wait until late afternoon/evening tomorrow to do the marinade so it can sit overnight) …
    but just in case, here’s what I remember:
    juice of 2 lemons
    juice of 1 orange
    orange peel
    garlic powder (& I’ll probably mince pulverize a clove or 2 extra)
    a touch of tabasco
    olive oil?

  2. Off-topic … did you see the NewsHour last night? In the discussion about Hugo Chavez’s illness & return & what that means, Ray Suarez kept making references to Chavez’s “being in power”. It really irked me. Chavez has been democratically elected to the office, whether official US policy approves or disapproves, and the poll-watchers have all agreed that the elections were free and corruption/intimidation-free (or probably about as much rigging & dirty tricks as occur as a matter of course in US elections). Can you imagine how weird/insulting it would sound if you heard somebody refer to Presidents Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, etc., as “being in power”? Anyway, just a little nothing that bugged me!

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