Chain of Events

For the past couple of weeks, I have been unable to find the pup comb.  It’s not such a big deal for Dora or Murphy.  They are short-hairs and both have gotten a “bath” in that time period — Murphy because I hosed him down while watering the front yard — he loves to try to “eat”  the water from the hose — it turns into something of a frenzy — and Dora got caught out in a downpour one morning this past week.

For Tammy, it is critical.  I almost bought a new one.

I knew I would find it and tonight I did.

I decided to look at my finances again.  I have a rather large expense coming up in August and I’m trying a) not to think about it because it is counter productive b) plan for it financially as best I can.  While looking for a particular bill in a pile of papers some kitten had knocked off the filing cabinet — what did I find?  The very special pup comb!


My joy even woke up a very sleepy Dora who is now (fianlly) having her kibbles.  She’s finished now and ready to go potty, so I will wrap this up.

A pretty bad week has turned out ok, nay even good.  We got six more cucumbers into a fancy new bed and Roberto made great progress with the lettuce bed.

I found the pup comb!!!!!!111111!!11!!!1!111!!


2 responses to “Chain of Events

  1. What was lost is found!!! Yay! Will I still recognize Tam when I next see her?!

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