Crazy — in a good way — Week

The transition from one term to the next can be infuriating, but this time it has been more comical than anything.  I’ve got one unusual “class”, one normal class and one potentially great class.

My first class is a lab with one student.  I think the norm has been to set the student in a particular direction and then leave him alone.  I’m not going to do that.  As I get to know him better, I will help him in his classes and make great progress.

My reading class has already gotten into my style of digging down into the meaning of what they read and vocabulary acquisition.  I’m going to incorporate lots of different reading situations for them as well.

It’s rained.  We even got a little rain this evening.  The lack of rain had almost made me crazy.  It looks like things are turning back to normal, though that could change.

My advanced level writing class looks promising.  It seems that they are willing to follow me into the madness that is research papers.

It’s been a difficult but rewarding week.


4 responses to “Crazy — in a good way — Week

  1. Your classes sound really good this term (and you sound hopeful & upbeat, so that’s good too!)
    Everything went fine this morning … I’m not going out of town until the weekend after the 4th … I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow morning & see what’s up …
    oh, it rained on campus as I was walking to my car midday (I timed it, exactly 3 minutes & 28 seconds’ worth!)

    • I took Murph out back on a leash, and there was a fight between Dot and the gray tabby.

      i set the trap this evening =, and then took Dora out in the garden this evening.

      That gray tabby is now picking on Dot.

      I told myself that I wouldn’t get so attached.

      I should have tried to trap that gray tabby long before he ran Harry off. I’ll be damn if he runs off Dot. It’s me last stand.

      I’m so useless.

  2. We’ll get that tabby … how was Murph with the kitties? He was probably as startled as them!

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