Things Fall Apart

My DVR can’t read any disks that I put in it.  My tv now doesn’t have audio.  I have a little back up tv, but its reception is spotty at best.  My internet connection is lousy.  I seem to live in the worst place for any forward looking technology, despite living within sight of the downtown of the 4th maybe 3rd largest city in the country.

Harry is gone.  I hesitate to make better friends with Dot.  He might be next.  I can’t get so attached to the outside kittens.  Their lives are different and so much shorter than the inside ones.

The sun has scorched almost everything.  The garden suffers not so much from lack of water but from the heat.  The leaves of the bean plants are burning up and the squash that survived the vine borers wilt in the sun, I fear never to return, no matter how much they are watered.

I expect my laptop to die any day now.

I can’t afford to buy anything new.

Looks like life is gonna change.

There is a game on my relatively new cell phone that takes a long time to load and only lets me play for less than a minute before asking me to pay for it.  My first thought was that I could play that game at home without my phone, but what would occupy my time when I want to use my phone?

The same thing  that I did before I had a phone.

I have a choice.


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