I’m Surprised There is Anything at All

There’s no hope for rain.  I am dreading the time when either there will be some sort of curtail on watering lawns or a tropical storm that will drown us.

My beans and squash are burning up.  I feel like I should protect them with umbrellas.  Unfortunately I don’t have any.

The volunteer roma tomatoes are producing.  It looks like the other tomatoes I planted in front of the garage are cherry.  They have lots of flowers.

The eggplants are beautiful.  They have delicate flowers.  I love them even if they don’t produce fruit.

I wonder where the warming deniers are when we are experiencing these conditions.  They are always around when it gets really cold.  They hide when it gets really hot and all of the cold precipitation melts and floods places.  Like the old sand crabs we used to play with on the beach.  They don’t know anything.  They don’t care about anything.  They want everything to stay the same for as long as possible.

I think it’s already too late.

One response to “I’m Surprised There is Anything at All

  1. Would it be possible to rig up some sort of netting over the beans & squash? Like mosquito netting of some kind?

    I just read a review of several of what are now known as ‘climatgeddon’ books and there was an interesting one called ‘Dry spring’ about how water will soon supplant oil as the resource of greatest value, and that therefore a country like Canada might be the surprise superpower rather than the BRICs etc. As for the deniers: from the looks (& sounds) of the GOP candidates, we’re in store for a lot of craziness, lies, & fantasyland for the next year & a half …. it’s very peculiar (& disheartening) how the media, who just love a horse race even when there isn’t one, are twisting themselves into pretzels to make the debate anything other than what it was, a collection of tantrums utterly without solutions or ideas (and when, oh god, do we get to stop hearing that Gingrich is a guy with “big ideas”? and Mittens is the grown up?)

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