I’ve done it now!

In my beginners class, we have finally come to food.  The last two days it has led to lots of first language usage in class, which drives me crazy.

After yesterday’s craziness, I decided to show them pictures of the food we were learning from my garden.  They asked me what I had now, and none of them know what beets are, so I told them tomatoes and parsley.  And that lead to tabouli.  I think we are going to make it.

I picked tomatoes this evening, as well as parsley.  I  tried to get volunteers for the other ingredients, but I think I will just buy them tomorrow after work, prepare it during my break and we will enjoy it Friday during class.

I don’t want to buy a cucumber, but I will since my plants are way behind from last year.  I’ll buy some mint and I will see if anyone brings an onion tomorrow.  I can make it easily and I think it will be a good bonding experience.

I also don’t want to play favorites.  I think I will buy ice cream and serve it with the blackberries and pom that I canned tonight for my other afternoon class.  It should be a surprise.  I will have to taste it first, but also be ready.

In other words, the best thing about having a garden is sharing with my students.  It seems to make them think I am human and not just a language nazi.

I’m almost back to the point of letting students come to my house.  With Gretchen and Buddy, it was easy.  With Dora, Tammy and Murphy, I have to be more careful.

Still, I like it that my students will get to eat food I have grown in my garden.

And if someone stops by tomorrow, there will be pan-seared cod, beets, and zuccini.



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