So I Had This Long Talk with Tammy

and Murphy to a lesser extent, about the importance of taking their monthly medicine.  Those two always make me shove some of it down their throats, no matter what tasty thing I wrap it in.

I explained that when they take their medicine, they keep the bad bugs away from themselves, Caroline and Cisco, and even those poor little outside kittens that they can smell under the house and bark at through the back door.  I told them that those poor little kittens would die if they had fleas, and that those poor little kittens lives will be short enough, given that they live outside all the time, unlike Tammy and Murphy, who get to sleep in the bed with mom every other night, enjoying the A/C.

I don’t know if I got through to them.

Dora, on the other hand, needs no speechifying from her mom.  Dora gobbles up her monthly meds like there was no tomorrow and then some.

It is on the first of the month, every month that Dora goes from being the reason we can’t all get along to the perfect pet.  Too bad it’s just for one day 😦

(For my new and/or confused readers:  Dora is a German Pointer, Tammy is a Chow Chow and Murphy is a Pit Bull.  Those are all dogs.)

In other news, something odd happened today.  While I was giving a test to my class, the audio in the next room was clearly audible.  This is different from other days when both classrooms are filled with noise.  Towards the end of the class time I heard, through the walls, a familiar song.  It was this one.  At first, I tried to listen through the wall, thinking perhaps it was a censored version playing.  I couldn’t tell.  Then I thought it might just be the students playing it.

Since only one student in my class was still working on the test, I took a look next door.  The teacher had the lyrics on the screen in the room and was highlighting different parts.

I was shocked and horrified.

The class being shown these lyrics is a mid level ESL class and I know the book the class uses and I cannot for the life of me see how this one song, as opposed to others, could have been appropriate for a mid level ESL class or connected to the content of the text or the standards that are supposed to be taught at that level, which are clearly spelled out.

Firstly, the language is above their level.  The freedom of the language and commenting on it, much less teaching it, is far beyond what is required of students at that level in our program.  Perhaps such language could be taught at our highest level, the nuance and slang and unusual usage is not what our mid level students are capable of or required to know.  For god’s sake, I was giving the same level of student a test and they didn’t know the word “ceiling” or “laughter”.  How the hell are they supposed to figure out any but the simplest straight forward song lyrics?

I reported the incident to my boss.  That turned out to be useless, even after I told her that there were students in the class that could have been offended, but would never complain because of the level of the possible insult, without the language skills to understand or the whole cultural background to understand — way too complicated to the level of students involved.

The answer to my complaint?  This part time teacher claims she recently got married to a black man.  And no, she’s not black.


2 responses to “So I Had This Long Talk with Tammy

  1. I love the first part of the post (Dora’s 1 good shiny day!) and like you, was shocked & horrified about the work thing … the teacher’s reasoning as to why that now gives her the licence to play a potentially offensive song to her captive students is a major non-sequitur … wtf?

  2. ACK, I know. It has blown over now, but perhaps other fences have been mended and things are back on an even keel.

    Party day today was for crap per usual. I came home with enough meat to feed an army.

    I hate parties. It is always such a waste.

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