Today in Gardening

Back to work, but not before doing a little watering.  I will have to do a bit more tomorrow morning.

I had lost another yellow squash plant by the time I came home.  I dissected it and there were no vine borers, so I can only conclude that it was too hot, too dry and too windy for it.  One is left, but I have two zucchini plants, one of which has three good fruits on it, and I will plant that tolerant squash that I good seeds for but can’t remember the name of in a couple of weeks.

I picked tomatoes, beans and jalapeños tonight.  I boiled that mess of beans along with a couple of banana peppers, and the tomatoes will ripen on the dresser.   I will can them as they ripen more.  The jalapeños I will eat fresh in egg and refried tacos for lunch and dinner and lunch and dinner.

I’m trying to eat some fresh, but also store up a bit for the fall.  Right now I have carrots, beets and beans in the freezer to eat up in the winter.

Oh and, the last thing I collected today was lettuce seeds from the bolted bed.  This first bed caught me by surprise.  I had nothing to eat with the lettuce.  From now on, I will plant a lettuce or two in pots and then enjoy them all year ’round with tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, cucumbers, radishes and carrots.   I just had no idea.

Next up: okra, Red October tomatoes, and more moon plants.

And hopefully some rain!


2 responses to “Today in Gardening

  1. The egg & jalapeno tacos sound excelente! … sorry I missed you this afternoon, 1 unfruitful meeting after another …. (and, the new schedule is not yet intuitive to my poor Tammy-brain) … I’ll catch ya tomorrow & see what’s up …

  2. As you can tell from the next post, I would have given you an earful.

    And for the record, how did I know the song? Spike Lee. I love the soundtrack to Inside Man 🙂

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