Michael Berry: Political Genius or Idiot?

You decide:

(click to see the image larger)

Earlier he had a picture of a black woman’s hand with a nice nail job holding a Lone Star Card associated with this call for help.

So, Berry is rolling this out on Memorial Day?  A day when his audience is likely at its lowest?

Genius or idiot?  Your call.


4 responses to “Michael Berry: Political Genius or Idiot?

  1. It’s a hard call, that’s for sure … given that some of his frothy fan club may actually fall for it and do his homework for him, then he’s a genius of the lazy-ass variety … & btw, I’ve been looking at some of Lone Star’s health plans (for a certain relative) and I’m impressed … I’m sure MB’s ultimate agenda is to get someone else to provide him with info so he can bitch and moan about a certain demographic whom he despises getting a free ride, but the mystery is why he even needs a “report” (soooo 8th grade!), given his usual disregard of, and queasy fear of facts …

    • I bought another cod filet on the notion that I remembered a recipe I saw on tv. If you will do dishes, I will fry that cod, along with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes (from the garden) and then cover it with a hollandaise sauce and perhaps thaw some carrots?

  2. Oops, didn’t do the dishes! If you can survive till Sat then I’ll do em happily!

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