Random Post with Other Things

I fell asleep last night with the radio on, as I always do, but last night, I tuned it to t he most popular radio station in Houston, and no it’s not KTRH or KPRC, which is where Michael Barry broadcasts.

I was struck the the dominance of female voices.  Some I recognized, others I didn’t, but it made me smile.  It’s not a station I listen to much, but that may change.

It’s easy to follow Michael Berry without listening to him.  He’s got other media:  Facebook, Twitter, and his “blog.”  We saw one of his billboards driving back from the vet.  Berry is still, to this day, hoping that Chuck Schumer will paay attention to him.  Clue bat for Michael Berry:  HE WON’T.

Not wishing my life away, but next weekend in the best in my category:  Memorial Day.  Since my dad hated every day he served in the military, and since I know from a friend (an MP) that the military has its fair share of criminals, I feel free to enjoy a three day weekend.  Call me up when the military doesn’t include criminals and it pays homage to those who were forced to serve and got treated like shit, then I might consider celebrating Memorial Day in some other way.

Oh and, President Obama set the record straight again today and is off to Europe to solidify the Bibi is an idiot tour.  I can’t wait to heat Bibi’s speech to Congress and how dissing our democracy is AOK now that Bush is out of office, or that Obama is in.  Israeli support of apartheid have a ring to it for anyone?


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