My Hope

Israel has nuclear weapons.  One of President Obama’s big policy points is reducing nukes.

I hope that what Obama jump started this past week will lead to Israel admitting that is has nukes and signing on to the nonproliferation pact.  If Israel would just admit and agree to the pact, then it could be inspected and regulated.  For now, Israel is just as bad as North Korea or Syria.

My only regret would be that in exposing that Israel has the bomb, their source would also be exposed.  South Africa has enough trouble on its hands without having to account for that happening during apartheid.

Better people than me have made petter arguments.  But there must be a way.  I think the response from responsible media has been about right.  Obama stated what has been policy for years.  Netanyahu embarrassed himself and his nation by acting like our stated position was somehow outrageous — people who know and have followed this know that what he said is a pile of crap.  So, while lesser Americans cheer on Bibi, I’m proud to have a president who used to be called Barry.


8 responses to “My Hope

  1. off-topic … shorty daniels is out (yay) … make way for Let-The-Crazy-Begin Bachmann …
    we had mini-pizzas last night & the bell pepper from the garden was the perfect size!!! and was delicious ….
    hope you have a good Sunday & a good time if you have to do any family-related activities …

    • Yeah, I saw that. It played havoc with the Sunday morning shows — except with Christian on ABC.

      Everything went well with lunch. I took a bag of beans, peppers and tomatoes from the garden with me. The girls cooked up the idea to celebrate my sister’s birthday — and she ended up getting a bit of whip cream smashed gently on her face. She was POed, but hey, it was the girls’ idea and you reap what you sow!

  2. ha ha!

    • You need to come clean out you closet so I can put Dora and the kittens in there in case there is a tornado.

      I’m being paranoid.

      I want to rearrange your room and get it painted . . . for when the tornado or hurricane comes. . . . . . . .

  3. not a problem! … we can pick some cool hurrinado/torricane colors! … btw, did you watch “The storm that swept Mexico” on PBS? … I really liked the older fellow who rode with Zapata (he must have been 8 or 9 years old at the time)

    • Yes, I did. I had hoped it would have focused more on the details of the earlier part — the last part seemed determined to get through too many years at once.

      OT but Mommy showed up for dinner. All of the kittens seemed as surprised as me, so I think it was a first in a long time. She looked fine and she was singing as I walked out to feed them. I knew it wasn’t Harry (I know his voice) or the others (they don’t sing before dinner). It was good to see her and she looked fine.

  4. How funny! maybe she was off at a spa of some sort or (more likely) she’s found a new 1-kitty only residence and was just dropping by to check on her babies & the rest of you guys …
    I agree about the end of Mexico thing, and some of those periods (and the characters in them) could easily fill a show of their own …
    Zapata remains an icon, and deservedly so, despite the unsuccessful efforts of many to uncover something to demean him (like Che, no?)

    • Who knows about Mommy . . . I think your second explanation is best. She’s probably just hanging out down the street, though perhaps she will realize that things are pretty sleepy around here, except for that grey tabby, who was not around this morning or evening. Perhaps Harry finally ran him off — or maybe Mommy did? Who knows with kittens?

      Zapata at least has not been denigrated with the fashion statements that some seem to think is ok with Che. I hate that there are people who have marketed Che as fashion as much as I hate the reaction to that.

      I was disappointed that the News Hour decided to cover Bibi’s address to Congress and nary a mention of Obama addressing Parliament. I can only hope that Pelosi and Reid were doing their jobs while Obama is in Europe, but in listening to the Republicans cheer a foreign head of state, given their past behavior in SOTU addresses makes a contrast that is ugly. And talk radio went there, calling Bibi’s address that of a “real” leader.

      Mark my words, Israel will have to join the nonproliferation pact before this is all done. Iran’s actions and Obama’s conviction make that certain.

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