On the Up Side .. . . .

My summer squash plants are dying.  I really like summer squash.  Perhaps the remaining plants will hang in there.  I don’t know.  I’ll probably plant the resistant species soon.

The peppers and beans are doing well.  I pulled some beets and picked some tomatoes today.

On another continent, there is an Israeli plowing under olive trees in the name of settling.

Now that Obama is in charge, Israel is being shown as the most pariah nation in the world.

They have had nukes for years and have prosecuted people for saying so.  They are not, not I repeat, good actors in peace talks.

When you have had nukes for years and claim the victim in all those years . . . you are NOT an honest actor.


One response to “On the Up Side .. . . .

  1. Agreed …. and the overall reception of President Obama’s speech (overall = the entire planet, and not just pundits & rapture-idiots here at home) has been a good one … and what I heard was not some groundbreaking first-time ever “spanking” of Israel by an American president, but a whole host of opportunities for them to not only prove their friendship to us but to allow us to be their best friends, rather than the sort of codependent partner who can gut themselves and still never do enough to make them happy … it’s time to grow up …

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