So My Students are Struggling with the Passive Voice

From their test scores, they are also struggling with comparatives, superlatives and reading directions, but ever forward!

At least for this group, tomorrow will be consumed by going over the test from today and stepping back from what I taught them Monday.

For Thursday, I will have together an activity involving the SmartBoard and I Am Legend to explore the passive voice.

From today’s class, I know that I need to teach my lower level students about function words for reading like although, until and yet.  No video can help with that.

My last class decided today that class was over when I brought a successful activity to an end at 20 til.  I pointed out that they were confused about when class ended (having just taught them time in English).  The couple who had left returned and the rest who had collect their bags sat back down, and we completed class, finishing another exercise.


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