Another Beautiful Day

How I wish a could have one more day in the weekend!

Some pictures:

I pulled the last little beets out of second bed.

Added a pvc to water it.

Three tomatoes and a couple of eggplants.

The cucumbers we got in yesterday.

Some beets and parsley in another bed.

The blackberries are coming along.

Volunteer tomatoes going crazy!

Beans, eggplants and peppers in pots.

Sweet Fannie and Dotty.


5 responses to “Another Beautiful Day

  1. I’m looking forward to those berries (and! borscht in the winter!) yay!

    • Are you watching Freedom Riders? It’s very good. There are some very sad moments, some of humor . . . we know that in the end, there are some who will never get it, some who do, and some who try to take advantage of the whole thing. One sad thing is that Alabama, Mississippi, and other strictly Southern states are still in the hole, now more than ever.

  2. The squash has gone silent — nary a one on any plant.

    As for the berries, I don’t think we should make jam, just eat them with a bit of sweet cream or vanilla ice cream.

  3. Yes, on the berries with vanilla ice cream! And take a photo before they’re all scarfed up!
    I recorded the Freedom Riders. It’s still shocking and I always feel humbled whenever I’m reminded that these were non-violent protestors. There is a transcendent nobility to all those who took part that has never left them. And it’s also worth remembering that both Tom Hayden and Stokely Carmichael started off as adherents of Gandhi and Dr. King, and put their bodies on the line as well as their principles.
    The haters are still with us but perhaps in a generation or two they will be so marginalized (or dead of bitterness and lawn-chairitis) that it will be like describing Orcs or Balrogs.

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