Beautiful Day

I have no pictures — I am behind on downloading them — I still have some from Easter that I need to send to my mom — but trust me, this was a good day.  The weather will hold in this beautiful patten but for a while and in too short a time I will have to return to work.   This split schedule is killing me, and I need to find a way to deal with it.

The cucumbers are GO!  I planted nine plants today in three mounds.  I hope I did the right thing.  As Roberto says, cucumbers are very gregarious.  Everybody likes them and they like everyone.  They are happy plants since we left the water on for their bed for and hour and a half — I’ll pay the bill later.

Tomorrow I tackle the next transition bed.  Out with the beets and in with the tomatoes and eggplant.  I hope I have enough soil.

Today at Home Depot, I realize how much I hate “people”.  They drive me crazy.  I rested a roll of plastic fencing on a cart of stuff by the register, having asked a cashier if it was ok so I could go get a cart, and a white woman who had been schlumping through the garden section screamed at me, “THAT’S MY CART.  ARE YOU NEXT IN LINE?”  I said, no not hardly and went on my way.

I saw her again in the garden section schlumping huge pots, one at a time to her seemingly reserved place at the front on the line — while she still shopped.  She backed things up so badly that I saw a new Home Depot tactic to deal with unreasonable people that I had not seen before.  A woman scanned my stuff and gave me a card with my purchases before I got to a register.

I think that is a good idea to deal with people like the schlupper who lined up her carts at the register before she was ready to check out and yelled at people in the process, although I think it is a cure that encourages the cause.

In the parking lot, I noticed that the schlumping woman was cramming all of the goods, with a man’s help, into a Mercedes.

I’m guessing she lost her ass in silver, or she’s on the way up and  came before hiring ILLEGALS to do that shit for her, or she’s an ass in every aspect of her life.

Did I say I hate “people”?

I’m hoping for the 50 degree temps to cool the house.  The windows are wide open.


5 responses to “Beautiful Day

  1. white whine not allowed here,
    Sorry, “Dawn”.

  2. I’m not ‘white’. Assumer racist whiny cat lady. *via Berry-ism*

    • You know what? I DO NOT CARE about your identity issues. Get yourself and all of your problems another place to spew, like someone’s Facebook page. That would be a good place to start 🙂

      • Don’t latch yourself onto me, Dawn. I’ve seen you complain about some post of yours getting deleted time and again on other platforms. You are a person who cries wolf all the time. No one believes you. You try to play both sides. It doesn’t work.

        Stick to you day job and blogging about nothing.

  3. Here’s my response to ‘Beautiful Day’ post … it was a good one! And cucumbers (& cats & dogs) are all much more likeable on any given day than humans …

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