Things are Settling Down

I think I can finally deal with the situation at work.   First tests have indicated to me and my students what is in front of us.   Placement changes have happened and while I don’t agree with most of them, they are settled.

Now is the time for me to figure out how to bast use out the new technology available to me.  All the technology in the world can’t help you learn how to read.  I’ve got to step up every class.

And I have to take care of my garden.    This evening I built a protective barrier for the volunteer tomatoes.  Tomorrow I will get the last three sunflowers in the ground.

After that, I will plant the cucumbers.

And after that, build a planter or two for the peppers.

I’ve been watching the ladybugs reproduce on the cilantro plants. Those plants are dying while ladybugs are thriving.  I don’t use any chemicals, so even though the cilantro is dying, the ladybugs are thriving.

In watching TV, there is a program about the woman that Bush had killed on tonight.   Yes, I said Bush and Rice let her be killed on their watch — along with so many other deaths.  Her death is on GWB and Condi Rice.   Period.


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