A Personal Challenge for the Future

I know for sure that my tv is on its last leg, and my DVR is iffy at best.  I will need to replace both of them, but I would rather do it in a way that costs me the least.  I don’t want cable or satellite, though I think that’s what the legislation to switch to HD was about — to drive people to cable and satellite.

While my tv and DVR fritter out, I need to find an alternative.  I have most of the pieces, but don’t want to spend the money involved in finding someone who could hook everything up.

It will probably take me a year, much like it took me a year to figure out how to water my garden from below ground.

I hate it when technology stresses me out — especially on a weekend when my nieces stress me out as well — and my own mother’s demands for rides (she can drive) put me in a position to sit in well-known dangerous traffic.

I’m not ready for tomorrow.


One response to “A Personal Challenge for the Future

  1. let’s discuss the tv situation! … I thought of you today & hope everything went okay with the ride(s) & the mother’s day celebration …

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