What Michael Berry doesn’t Understand

While the man is plugged in, he’s only plugged into a certain segment of our population.

via ABL, two videos that show that Michael Berry is a poopy-head and Michelle Obama is the AWESOME!  Along with Beyonce — Houston in you face Michael 🙂

It’s nice to have a first lady who FOLLOWS THROUGH with what she plans.  Quite nice.  And she has some nice friends as well.

I love our first family.  I think about them each day.  I didn’t stay up last Sunday night, but I know from at least one friend that he thought the “Special Report” was that Obama had been shot, and he was afraid.  The Obamas mean so much to so many people.  President Obama is our hope.   And his family is a goal for so many who had previously thought there was none.

Criticizing his every move and mocking people based solely upon their  race is not going to get you far — KTRH is down, and KPRC is as well.  Perhaps a shake up is in order.


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