May 2, 2011

What a day.  First and most importantly, I want to post this:

I didn’t stay up late enough to see it live.   We had our first day of class today and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to work early.

I shared my feelings with a few like-minded colleagues and we shared a good laugh at the images of President Obama that were swirling around the internet.   I couldn’t have felt more proud.    I think this makes up for what the military and the administration tried to do back in 1980 — something that could have put a stop to the lie of Republicans’ claim to strong on defense.

Yes.  I do see thins politically.  It has always sickened me that Republicans trot out negligible nominees whose only claim to accomplishment usually is some sort of military service.   I guess it’s always gone back to one mission failing and the political shift that took place after that.  My country elected an actor who only played at being a military man instead of someone who served in the actually military.

Perhaps another shift will occur in our nation.  The whiners have been identified — Perry simply complained that his rich crony rancher friends couldn’t get federal money to pay for their losses, so he had to go public — embarrassing us all here in Texas — the Feds have been here in Texas for quite a while and surprise surprise!!! these Texans have actually appreciated the federal government for its help.

Things seem to be moving faster than our talk radio types can handle.  It’s been fun listening to them.  They might be more clever than the average news person, but not more than the average person.

For tonight, I just want to think about checking on Politifact in the morning and seeing if they give President Obama credit for a promise kept.

Update:  Local tee vee news is looking for ways to get federal money because the threat is stronger here than wait for it . . . NEW YORK.  So, the death of OBL makes HOUSTON more of a target than NYC and the fear goes on . . . these people will go to no end to create fear.  They have had all day to get their reports.  I wonder if we will go back to blaming Mexicans tomorrow or perhaps we will focus on the Muslims for  another day.



2 responses to “May 2, 2011

  1. It’s got to be hard for Reps to restrain their knee-jerk impulses to put a negative spin on this latest news … I thought Hils’ comments (along with those of a fair number of others) about how the Arab spring is a repudiation of the objectives & methods of Al Qaeda were right on … and so the Reps who were jabbering on about “we don’t know who they are!” regarding the Libyans in the east might find this a convenient time to shut up … but as we said earlier (we as in you & me, not me goin’ all royal on ya!) 9/11 happened on President Bush’s watch, as did the long getaway of OBL … And will President Obama get credit for not only keeping the faith on the promises he made but also on some of those made by earlier administrations? He will from those that vote based on substance and honesty rather than fear & spin …

    • I am so proud to have Obama as my President. I know that when he goes to ground zero, it willl be very different than the cowboy — no disrespect to cowboys — speech W gave.

      Seriously, this is a game changer, and I don’t mean just on a political level. Obama is a different animal from all other presidents. He amazes me at every turn. He is the pragmatist that is the modern Democratic party. That the republicans will nominate Mittens through these coming months shows that, yes, pragmatism is what we need and want — not all of the hat-wearing tea bagger nonsense.

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