Sad and very proud at the same time

It’s a sad time in our country.  Some clever marketing people have made enough noise to make our President ask for a special dispensation in order to release a document that  has been rendered useless due to the PATRIOT Act, just to prove he is an American.

When I heard what our president had to say about it, I felt that he had made the best of a very bad situation.  It was bad because we all know that, just as Obama said, there will be doubters.  And Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry kept up their doubt and that of their audience.

Today was an interesting day.  My boss is a liberal racist.  I know they aren’t supposed to exist, but they do.  Today she got a good belly laugh out of my joke involving the color of the keypads that are available on a Smartboard — suffice to say that I made a joke about the black and white colors of the keypads available from the Smartboard and Microsoft Word.  Little did she know that I told the person she she assumed was the butt of my joke that I learned from a visually impaired student that black background with white letter was easier for her to read.  Later, I had to suggest that students calling us masters might be a bit much.

Currently, in my mind, our best teachers are our non-white males.  They aren’t interested in the points the get to increase their salary.  They just want to teach.

It’s funny, not in a HA HA way, that the people who are best at teaching our students are the ones that get pointed out and criticized by white people who can’t understand why calling your teacher “Master” might be problematic.

All I can do is sigh.

I’m not African-American.  I’m not black.  I’m not even brown.   I’m just a pure whitebread girl who grew up with people who made it a point to point out how different people were based on the color of their skin and resented anything that took away from their white privilege — especially their boy children.

What Michael Berry doesn’t understand is that his son is not starting from the same place as the African-Americans that he mocks.   Michael Berry mocks certain people for a reason, and it is political.  His adoption was political as well. Nandy is in on this.  There is no doubt.

Remember that Michael blamed her for delinquent tax checks that he claimed she signed but he did.   If he lied about his wife, either she thinks it is ok or he jammed her up.  Given that Michael Berry and Nandy thought about her running for his City Counsel spot.. .

Liar, just like PagLIARulo.

Day in and day out.


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