Focusing on the Negative

I find that I focus on the negative.   My strongest memories are all negative.  I want to change that.  Perhaps it is here on wordpress that I do.

Tonight, I felt again the sorrow of Murphy growing up, but what I cherish is his joy in living.  I took him and Tammy out in the front yard and watered the sunflowers and then played with him with the water, like we used to.  He was game.  When I die, I want to think about, see, Murphy playing, biting, and running after the water spraying from the hose.

I have no children for a reason.  I can’t nor couldn’t ever bring someone into this world where it is so hard to find something that is not negative.

I assume everyone gets a mailer that states how much you earned over your working life.  Mine is pretty sad.  Had I had a child, I’m sure I would have spent my early life like someone I worked with.  She was white, had three kids, different dads, and she slept in the office where she worked, with her kids.

As I have documented before, white Americans take advantage of the welfare system in far greater numbers than any other race does.

It doesn’t matter what the numbers tell us.  The prevailing opinion is that non-whites take advantage of our safety net more than “whites do.  It’s just false.  There is no other way to say it.  IT IS JUST FALSE.

In my life, there have been ups and downs.  I hate that I always come back to the downs.  I will try to focus on the ups — like tonight with Murphy.  Perhaps I can find a way to post positives at least once a day here.


One response to “Focusing on the Negative

  1. funny! cuz you are one of the more positive folks I knows! … murphy is a good talisman for the blues, that’s for sure!

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