It’s what I wished for when I blew out the candle.  My sister and nieces did an end run around me and celebrated my birthday early on this Easter Sunday.

We had the second shift this year — meaning that the girls and their parents had lunch with the in-laws.  I missed the making of the deviled eggs, but came along soon enough to suggest a little bit of dill pickle juice.

I cleaned out the carrot bed and picked some lettuce.    I also picked the lonely radishes.  My brother claims to have a squash, I have none.  I did make beets and a salad solely from the garden.  Talk doesn’t walk this Easter.

There is always too much food and too many eggs.

It was a very good Easter.


3 responses to “Happiness

  1. all in all a very low-key and nice weekend … they’re the best!

  2. Ola! … got your call, sorry I missed you … today was a good day … got some “royal” treats at British Isles I’ll tell you about … I’m planning on being on the road around 3 (or earlier) tomorrow afternoon & will give you a buzz … hopefully back on Saturday (hopefully before that ol sun goes down!)

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