I’m Really Looking Forward to This Break

I’m just so tired — mentally and physically.  Unlike screamer  Michael Berry, my job does not involve sitting on my ass and looking for every possibility to say the word “nigger” again and again, nor does it involve lying.  I have to earn my keep.  In earning that, I and my employer bring in hundreds of thousands of international monies to the Houston area.

So, who do you think does more for Houston:  Me?  Michael Berry, who just sits on his ass, or Kevin Whited, who also just sits on his ass?

In my unscientific for entertainment purposes only poll, I vote for myself, again and again and again.  If you want to vote for the best white man politician in the Houston area go here.  You can also vote for most popular white man radio screamer.

Seriously, Michael Berry is just out to make money.   As is Joe PagLIARulo (like a child did this website — embarrassing).  It’s just about the Bennies, much like a mugger.


One response to “I’m Really Looking Forward to This Break

  1. ha ha ha …. rotflshtcoomn!!!! (rolling on the floor laughing so hard tea came out of my nose) …. You got my vote (and Stumpy has one big paw up as well)

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