Hooked on Dexter

SO it looks like I have Roberto hooked on Dexter.  I really like the series and even though I don’t have cable, I can wait until it comes out on Netflix.

We started at the beginning.  I originally saw the show on CBS, but it was heavily edited.  I didn’t catch the entire first season, so watching it now makes it all new again.  I hope to dig into the books that inspired the series soon.

In other news, John McCain voter and child killer Sheila Muhs, was convicted. (To understand this, you must know that Michael Berry routinely refers to black suspects and convicted criminals as “Obama voters”, so turnabout is fair play.  I can go back and make this point again and again, and I can go forward and make it as well.  What might stop me from doing it is the day Michael Berry champions a black man who was wrongly accused of a crime.  Or he could champion a white man who died for something he didn’t do.  Or he could just be a dick.)


2 responses to “Hooked on Dexter

  1. I really wish I hadn’t mentioned the cellophane wrapping idea! But hey, I can still do it, and you can act all surprised, k?

  2. Yes. (said in a Rita voice).

    Just one more day at work and I am free for 8 — 7 and a half days. I have to help mom with the easter sunday meal. I’m looking at the garden and there is not much more than lettuce.

    I’m thinking the growing spell will kick in soon.

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