I Think There is a Wave Coming

Said wave comes in different forms.

Here in the USA, it comes in people not accepting the Common Wisdom of the MSM.  Perhaps I will watch the Sunday Morning Shows, though I know they will feature Paul Ryan.

In other regions, the wave is against authoritarian rulers.  I think the Obama administration is doing the right thing and getting on the right side of history, despite the talking heads claiming that “we don’t know who they are! (clutch pearls) or they are al Qedia (! 1 ! !!! )  The same people who are raising the terrorist flag are the same people burning the Koran and hoping for the blow up of a mosque near the World Trade Center.

Paul Ryan’s offer does one thing that I thank him for.  He excludes me from the Boomers, finally.  I always knew I wasn’t, and his assholishness proves it.

Not much solace.

Everyday people — not “real Americans” — in many countries are trying to make something happen.   They have been through what the Republicans want us to go through.  And they have rejected it.

Though I want to sit it all out, I won’t.  Time to get busy with some Democratic groups.  I can do it.



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