A Good Reason Not to Have Children

At least I don’t have this in my future.  I’m sure that not all people do this to their moms, though I am sure that mostly white people do.  Non-white people are more respectful of their dead, much less their elders.  White people tend to make the news because they have no traditions, but for sports.

I don’t expect Joe PagLIARulo to talk about this case of two sons watching their mother die, nor do I expect Michael Berry to “blog” about it.    Seriously, if either one of them took white on white crime as seriously as they do anything BLACK, they would be sunk.

Is one old white lady as important as a black lady allegedly letting children die?

C’mon white people!  A white person died.

I can only hope that the day I die the house is in  order and everything is clean and my dogs don’t eat me.  Had I ever had children, I would hope for a better fate.

Adopting a child with the notion that he will never find his family is just wrong.  Here’s hoping that Michael Berry will help his son find his birth mother.


3 responses to “A Good Reason Not to Have Children

  1. WOW is all I can say. Lady, you really have issues. What do the Unicorns eat in your world?

  2. Limited in your reactive vocabulary, no?

    I agree, it would take Unicorns eating sparkly treats for Michael Berry to help hos son to find his birth mother. That is why people go half way around the planet to adopt — Joe PagLIARulo stated as much — so the poor kid will never know his, or in Joe’s case, her birth family. It’s quite the cynical adoption strategy.

    I know you meant to insult me, but yes, I do have issues with people who adopt children for political or publicity reasons. I also have issues with people who adopt out of country when so many children here need good parents.

    Do you think it’s ok to adopt with the intention that the child will never find his or her birth family?

  3. This was such a horrible story, with all its little ‘Deadringers’ details: the matching flannel pyjamas! As the neighbor said “it’s kinda deranged”. Yikes!

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