Kitten Update

No pix tonight, but perhaps I will get some together tomorrow (along with posting the ones I took at the zoo on Friday — CHIMPS!).

All are spayed or neutered but for Baby.  She still has the sniffles and I don’t know when she will ever get over them, but as soon as she does, I can pluck her up and pop her in the trap.  I’ve been picking her up at mealtime about every other day, and while she squirms, she doesn’t use her claws.

While Harry is a strong beautiful cat and not much smaller than your average inside cat, the other outside kittens are quite small and a little shabby.  They get all the dry they can eat, and I feed them wet food in the evening, but they are all small and their coats are dull.  Tilly, the one I had inside for a while, seems to fair a bit better, but the others had just too hard of a life before they got here to do much better.

They do seem happy.  When I come inside after working in the garden in the evening, I peek out the back window and see them playing.  The different beds give them cover to pounce on each other — suspecting or not.  Tonight, Dot, Baby and Tilly were on the prowl for each other, and they ambushed Toes, who had been minding her own business.

Dot  is the glue.  He connects with each of the other kittens, either through play or napping.   Fannie stays to herself for the most part.  She doesn’t care for wet food and often sleeps by herself on the deck, though I know she snuggles with the others on nights like these.  Toes is just into finding new spots to nap.  Like I said, she sometimes gets ambushed.  Tilly and Baby play and play and then nap with Dot.

I know they are safe.  There are plenty of places for them to hide, and they never venture beyond the driveway.  The backyard and the house seem to be enough for them.  They are sweet kittens.  I look forward to gardening with them this spring and summer.


One response to “Kitten Update

  1. Nice post … I can see them just as you describe them … except for Harry they’re all part of the same tribe and yet so distinct (sounds corny and obvious but I’m still amazed by our four-footed comrades) … looking forward to chimp-pix!

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