Garden Photos for the End of March

I’m way ahead of where I was last year . . .

Three tomato plants sprang up in two beds.  I decided to try the singlet in the topsy-turvey thing.  One more try. . .

The mandarin is blooming.

I’ve got the peas in a different and larger bed this time.  They are blooming and I should be able to pick some soon.

more peas

The blackberry bushes are coming back.  I may trim them a bit more.

The cilantro re-sprouted in the same bed.

Beets and parsley in a bed with some weeds.  I’ll clean the weeds out later — for now they aren’t worrying the good stuff.

Amongst the little clovers are fennel and radishes.

Another fennel radish combo.  I’m not sure how it worked out that they are growing so closely together.

The other two tomato plants.  I made a frame for them from lumber left over from the garage roof repair.  (I also built a new improve compost pile in place of the one just made out of plastic fencing and stakes from roof leftovers.)

There are three little cabbage plants under there, but I don’t think they will make it.  The rest didn’t.  I will just have to try cabbage again later in the year.

The lovely lettuce!

More yummy lettuce.

Not a great pic, but the persimmon is sprouting it’s leaves after worrying me for a couple of months.

The lemon tree survived, and while it doesn’t have any blooms yet, it did invest a lot of energy in producing lovely new leaves.

The beets I planted in the winter.  They look to make.

What’s left of the rutabagas.  They got attacked by aphids and some other kind of orange and black striped pest.  The ladybugs tried but couldn’t cope.  I’m hopeful they will make.

The lovely carrots.  We’ve had a handful, and they are tasty.

Hard work early, pay off later, I hope.  I protected the summer squash from the kittens by putting in the edging I had bought years ago and putting paper towel cores around the stems to protect them from the dreaded vine borer.

Sweet potato is go!  I plant to put this baby in the new deeper bed I’m building next to the from of the garage.

I’ve read there is this forcing thing you are supposed to do with chicory, but I’ve nursed these babies for a while and will just wait to see if they will do their thing on their own.

I’m growing peppers in pots this year, as well as bush beans.  I started the peppers inside, and I planted the beans this past Saturday.

Here’s hoping I get maybe three or four more tomato seedlings to get going to plant in the new improved bed.

Later in the evening, the pom has fruit.  One year after Murphy tried to kill it.

I found three fruits total on my little tree.

The orchid tree, damaged by Ike and two freezes looks to survive, perhaps in another form.

The wisteria made it and bloomed last week.  Hopefully it will again.

Darkness looms as I capture this pic of my supposedly butterfly attracting bush — it actually attracted bees — it’s all good — struggles to survive another freeze.  I’ll nourish it even more this coming year and get it strong and healthy again.

So that’s it.  That’s everything but the pecan tree growing in my yard now.  Sunflowers, more peppers and some catnip are hopefully coming along.  Then the lovely cucumbers and some experimental zucchini.

I love my garden.



5 responses to “Garden Photos for the End of March

  1. The garden totally rocks … and I’ll need you to show me where the catnip is (unless a pile of stoned kittens makes it obvious!)

  2. They haven’t sprouted yet, but I plan to but them in the back part of the yard and along the side with the elephant ears. I hope they make. I have some yellow flower seeds I need to plant to distract the vine borers.

    So much work to do, so little time. I guess I need to go back to working the garden for an hour or so each evening, now that the light is with me.

    I’ve been a bit of a lazy ass these past couple of days.

  3. One step at a time! …

    • Hey Roberto — remind me to get some viennas to give the pups their medicina manana, si? I’ll run to Beechnut to get Comfortis early in the morning. I should have done it Thursday. My bad.

  4. OK … I’ll buzz ya tomorrow (or I can pick some up) … I just checked the pantry but don’t have any on hand … see ya tomorrow! (a little before 1:00)

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