So I Watched 60 Minutes Tonight

and I was disappointed that Leslie Stall didn’t ask all of the Galtian Overlords she interviewed why they don’t want to pay for all that they benefit from.

On a practical level, we have roads and wires and cell towers and police and firefighters and a semblance of order because we have local and state governments.

On another level, we have a military and a foreign policy that involves more than just staying neutral through world wars.

Why didn’t it occur to Leslie Stall to ask those people she interviewed how it is that they can do what they do?  Is it not because the vast majority of ordinary citizens in this country pay for it every time they shop, or buy property, or earn a dollar?

Oh that’s it.  A dollar.  They value that sum more than they value the courts that allow them to fight their battles.  They value that dollar more than they value the police force that keeps the public in line so they can make that dollar.  They value that dollar more than the dollar that pays for the firefighters that put out the fire at their company.  They value that dollar more than the one that was spent to clear up their mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

No.  They don’t need to pay for all of that like the rest of us do.

Even thought they clog our courts, they don’t need to pay for that.  Even though they live safely, they don’t need to pay for that.  Even though they are Americans, they don’t need to support this country.

I will pay a substantial amount of money in income taxes this year.  I’m ok with it.  I’m not one of those crazy people who sees all of my tax payer dollars going to things I disagree with.  I understand that my money may go to things I disagree with, but it’s also likely that it goes to things I do agree with and that it is my responsibility to make sure that happens.

I’m just one person.  These corporations represent many people.  The stock holders could come to their senses.  They could see that starving the US is a bad idea.  They could see that their profit comes because of the system we have.  And that they should pay for that.



One response to “So I Watched 60 Minutes Tonight

  1. Yes, exactly. Do you remember sometime back (couple of years) when there was an attempt to organize all the undocumented workers so that they would all agree to take the same day off in California? It was labeled something like “the day the Mexicans disappeared”? The intent was to show how that state & many others would limp to a slow crawl without the people who do the shittiest work our country has to offer & then get abuse heaped on them to top it off. Well I wish that someone would load up a bus with the ‘don’t wanna pay taxes’ louts & drive them around their own neighborhood & town for a morning & point (literally point) at the things that wouldn’t be there to make their cretinous money-grubbing lives as cushy as they are if no one paid taxes. All they seem to be aware of are Cruise missiles & of course the very specific social entitlements that for some reason they are convinced they and they alone deserve. As the saying goes, they are either liars or fools.

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