Yard Work Pictures Tomorrow

My rutabaga was attacked by aphids.  Almost my entire garden was attacked by all kinds of ants.   My “garage” now has a fan with lights.

I took the protective screens off the rutabaga and beet bed and cleaned out all of the aphid infected leaves.  I think the kittens will leave the bed alone.

Along those lines, I planted the squash seedlings and build barriers around them with some plastic edging I had bought years ago.  Reusing!!!!

I planted the last of the pepper plants from the Burpee planters and turned around and planted more peppers and some catnip in the same planter, using the dregs from the last of the Burpee sprogs and some regular soil.  We’ll see how that works.

I watered every bed this morning and the front yard this evening.  We are in something of a drought.  While my usage and my bill may tick up a bit, I’m okay with that.

This is my second year, and so I hope that the beneficials will come to my aid.  I have learned many things in the off season.

This post is weak — and I haven’t heard from Roberto or Keigo today.



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