I’m about fed up all the way around

I never heard a more genuine plea.

Today the Libyan former ambassador pled for help and tried to tell a stubborn media what the French and John Kerry have known for a while.  WE KNOW THE PEOPLE WE ARE SUPPORTING.  They are not radicals in any sense that the FUCKING FOUNDING FATHERS OF OUR COUNTRY ARE RADICALS.

Why shouldn’t they join the band wagon of democratic reform in the Middle East.  I know that, unlike the Chinese, the Middle East is ripe with knowledgeable young people who have hopes and dreams.  They don’t praise their leaders and system by rote like the Chinese.  They want to join us — you know, the crazy space that is democracy.

Oh, what am I fed up about?  Assholes who were giddy about invading a country to appease a son’s revenge and now want to know all of the unknowables up front.



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