Toes is Home

The penultimate of the ferals, Toes, is safely home from getting spayed, ear clipped and rabies vaccinated.  I let her sleep for about 3 hours and then fed her.  She was a little cranky, which is understandable.

Baby is the only one left, but since she is still a little snotty, so her turn at SNAP can wait a bit.

Trapping Toes was a real relief.  Now we will be six in the back yard for sure, and hopefully the gray tabby that has been irritating Harry will go away.

While it was bothersome while I was trying to catch Toes, the way the kittens feel free to play and lay around the backyard is very satisfying.  Mostly they sleep, but at times Dotty will have a play session with Tilly and Harry is very affectionate towards Baby.  They are a happy little tribe and will be happier once Toes rejoins them Wednesday evening.

I may try to snap some pics tomorrow evening.



2 responses to “Toes is Home

  1. Good little Toes … what you have done since this little tribe all popped up together is pretty amazing … you & Harry are saints of patience!

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