Animal/Pet Post

I have feral cats.  I have trapped several and had only two to go — one of those two got pregnant — I think.  I had to trap her.  I tried by not feeding any of them and using turkey as the bait on Thursday, but that didn’t work.  I didn’t feed them this morning and set out the trap with some salmon.

I waited with the string nearby to pull the trap for 3 hours this morning.  Nothing.  I then worked in the yard and did several things that I will write about tomorrow.  Around 6:00, the kittens were getting hungry, but none of them would take the bait, much less Toes — who is the target.

After one false catch (Tilly), I finally caught Toes at about 10:00 tonight.

She goes in to SNAP in the morning.  I know I can catch the last of them (Baby) because I have been handling her every day for a while now.  She will be easy to catch.

This is such a relief.

And now for a video that has been around the web, but it reminded me of friends and just how good pups can be.


2 responses to “Animal/Pet Post

  1. Here’s hoping that Toes is now peacefully recovering in the bathroom … and the video was so moving … the poor pups looked terribly cold and the watchful one seemed very stressed …

    • I posted about Toes. She’s fine — very worn out, but she will be ok.

      The pups reminded me of the love that Gretchen had for Buddy and vise-versa. I see that love too with Tam and Murphy. As we have always said, Murphy is what has kept Tam alive . . . whether it is love, attention, or just hoping he doesn’t get all of the cookies 🙂

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