So I Went to a Rally

And the predictable happened.  I came up on a dispute between union members and the teabaggers and of course one of them had a spelling-confused sign.  I hadn’t realized that I had captured it right off and so there are two pictures of it.  The teabaggers in this picture behaved much like this cartoon depicts.  They mocked children and accused everyone there of not having a job — despite the fact that it was held after work.

After this ruckus, I moved right in to a place up close to the teabaggers.

Of course, all of the baggers were old white folks.  This old biddy must have been a cheerleader back in the day.

The good guys.

The cautious opposition.  they filtered out in a matter of minutes.

Remember, only “the left” uses children to make their point.  This poor little girl was holding a NoBama sign.

The old guy with the confused sign trundled off by himself — as did I.  My question is:  who is sadder?


3 responses to “So I Went to a Rally

  1. Good pictures, good commentary. And I can practically “hear” the lil ol cheerleader woo-hooing or whatever she’s doing.

  2. Damned at Random

    wtf is coushy? Is that a Texan term?

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