Let’s See How Many They Scare into Showing Up

I check in on the liars and nullificationists like Catherine Engelbrecht (otherwise known as Tenthers) at King Street Patriots and True the Vote.  Today I see that they are literally trying to scare up some counter protesters for this coming Tuesday.  Here’s the slug for the event:

Progressive Forces are Assembling in Houston for “Texans Day of Outrage” March 15th @ 4:30pm, at City Hall in Houston, TX.  SEIU, Latin American Organization for Immigrant Rights, Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, Marxist Reading Group, International Socialist Organization, Mexicanos en Accion, and the Houston Democrat Party are focused on Houston and have sent this flyer. We will rally in opposition. Their anti-American rhetoric cannot go unanswered. Bring your signs, cameras, flags, love of country, and every fellow patriot you know.

Right.  SEIU is always a bug-a-boo for the frighty-righties, but Marxist Reading Group?   As you can see here, they’ve got no upcoming events.  The International Socialists Organization  doesn’t either.
The group that sent the flyer that the “Patriots” are so upset about are the Houston Area Stonewall Democrats.  I guess “teh gheys” aren’t scary enough nowadays to motivate the “Patriots”.  That’s just sad because you know they all used that for what it was worth in 2004.
I’ll be there after I finish up work on Tuesday.  City Hall is just a short walk away.  I’ll try to remember to bring my umbrella and maybe I’ll have a sign about Perry’s corporate slush fund and all the corporate welfare.

3 responses to “Let’s See How Many They Scare into Showing Up

  1. Anti-American. It really angers me that the right has co-opted being “American”. Are they really that clueless about our founding fathers?

  2. The Marxist Reading Group cracked me up when you first told me about it & still does. It’s just that it’s such an academic-sounding name but it manages to combine 2 of the things the wingnuts are most terry-fied of: Marxists & books.

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