Oh Japan!

I don’t personally know anyone — as far as I know now — who was hurt or injured or who may have died yesterday in Japan, but I do know people there.  No word.  So that may change.

They were better prepared than anyone on the planet, but how does anyone prepare for that kind of tsunami?

I’m worried.  I hope that all of the people I know there are ok.  I’ve got to find a way to contact a couple of old friends who don’t like facebook.

I can only hope.



15 responses to “Oh Japan!

  1. hi, this is keigo. i’m fine so far. no damage at all. as far as i can see, things are not much different from any other day in tokyo. there’re some afterquakes though.
    i’m now on the way to my hometown to get away from nuclear power plants. altough there’s not much information about them, i think something really bad could be happening.

    • Keigo!!!! I’m so happy and relieved to hear from you!!!!

      The news we’re hearing here about the nuclear plants sounds very serious. I heard this morning that there was an explosion, but that it wasn’t in the reactor part of the plant.

      Stay safe, take care, and check in here when you have the chance.

  2. Keigo, we talked about you as soon as we heard the news, hoping that you and your family were all okay … good to hear from you … stay safe and know that your friends in Texas are sending you their best wishes …

  3. michelle and roberto, thank you very much. i re-realize that i have true friends in texas. i’m now in tokyo and have been back to work as usual. i know the situation is still unpredictable, but i am trying to be optimistic about our future. I believe that we will overcome many difficulties we are facing now and quickly achieve full recovery as we did decades ago.

    • I’m trying to be hopeful, too, but the news sounds dire. It’s hard to know here what is accurate news and what is little more than sensationalism. I’ve been trying to find alternative sources of information.

      Stay safe and keep in touch. You are in our thoughts.

  4. hi, i will leave tokyo for osaka tonight.

  5. already on the train. just 2.5 hours trip. osaka is far enough from the nuclear plants – more than 350 miles.

  6. in osaka now.

  7. thanks, michelle. i will be in osaka for a while.

    • I’ve heard that supplies are running low in Tokyo and other places and that batteries are in demand. Is there anything that you need that I could send you? I know it would just be a token, given the need, but if there is anything I can send from here that you or your family might need, you know I will do everything I can to get it to you.

      I’m relieved that you are away from the immediate danger, but I will still worry.

      Even though I have few readers, if you would feel more comfortable you can email me at michilines at yahoo dot com. That’s the email I use now. I hope you do because there are some people I’m still worried about . . . like our old friend Takashi.

      Please take care and keep in touch. I’m so glad you found my little blog and reached out.

  8. michelle, thank you very much. i don’t need anything now. things are almost normal in osaka. as for other people, i don’t know very much. sanae is in california. joey is at my parents’ place in hamamatsu – 250miles south from the power plants. i’m not sure about takashi and tatsuya. they live in kanagawa, and i think they are still there.

  9. takashi is fine. he is in yokohama.

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