Thinking Out Loud

I don’t want my little blog to die, just as I don’t want those little pepper plants in their lonely, inadequate little plastic thingies to die.  I have to find a way to get back into blogging and quick.

Being busy is not an excuse because I have found time to complete a great number of jigsaw puzzles.  It’s mostly because I just don’t want to write about just the day to day things, but the type of posts I’d like to write — heavy with links — just take so much time and effort . . . and I can’t quite get a grip on what I want to advocate.

I want to say about the Peter King hearings that, once again, why aren’t white Christians policing their own.  That’s where the Aryans come from.   Why no hearings about that?  I also want to point out that Santorum equates pregnancy with slavery (and not for the woman).  But why can’t he figure out that his people get abortions — solve that your own selves.

About the attacks on unions, I can only say that this has been the plan for a long time and this past off election proved to be the one that Republicans counted on.  Here in Texas, this time it wasn’t homophobia, but several attacks by libertarians.  Republicans took their time and corralled the libertarians to do their wedge work — I saw and heard them doing it — on the red light cameras and other issues across the state.

2010 was for crap.

Except for the garden and the yard.

The garden, the front yard and my ongoing opportunity to meet and work with people from all over the planet helps me keep going.

I have a great job, my garden is progressing and this weekend a major remodeling will happen.

I have been thinking about what I could do.  The fight here in Texas first is over the damned god botherers and guns on campus.  I plan to take advantage of my connections to attorneys to counter both.  (Roberto, perhaps you should contact those two guys — we are gonna have a couple of suits).

I could go on. . . .


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